- Celebrations - 

Bagel Socials

Each month before classes, we gather together as a community, share a bagel with cream cheese, hear announcements, and socialize with one another. If we are celebrating a holiday, this is the time we come together to celebrate as a community.

Rosh Hashana

For Rosh Hashana, we plan a community potluck at a local park, usually on the Eno River. We have a short but meaningful service before we walk down to the river for Tashlikh and throw away our sins. Afterwards, we all enjoy apples and honey and a communal meal. The natural setting is perfect for the children to play before and after the service.



The Freeman Center has a beautiful Sukkah that we've been permitted to use. As a school, we have gathered in the sukkah to shake the etrog and lulav, hear a Sukkot story, and eat our bagels together under the heavens!

menorah_2012 1.jpg


We encourage all of our students to be creative and enter our Hannukah menorah contest.  Parents create a personalized award for each menorah entered. A Hannukah skit if performed, followed by dreidels, gelt, and latkes with all the trimmings.

Shule - Purim - 4.JPG


On Purim, the older students perform a creative play. The children in the audience, along with their parents, boo and shake groggers at the sound of Haman's name.  There is always plenty of hamentaschen to go around.  Parent and student volunteers help create a Purim Carnival each year, including face painting, digging for treasure, photo booth, and more!



Each year, the Shule meets off-site for a fun, all inclusive family pot-luck seder.  We have our own Haggadah that allows for a short and low-key seder.  In addition to reading from the Haggadah together, we tell a kid-friendly version of the Passover story. Even if you are having a seder at home, this is a great way to celebrate the holiday with other Jewish families.