- Curriculum - 

The Shule curriculum encourages meaningful discussion and activities pertinent to the age and needs of the children. Our curriculum focuses on Jewish history, Jewish holidays, Jewish cultural traditions, Jewish music, and Jewish ethics and values based on the Torah and other Jewish teachings. 


PreK-K Curriculum relates to the holidays and to information related to Israel. The general focus is crafts and stories relating to our Jewish connection, Jewish holidays and particularly to the Sabbath.

First-Second Grade curriculum reviews the holidays and information related to Israel but goes beyond the preK-K classes with more involved stories and crafts.  In addition, this class discusses stories from the Torah with a focus on Jewish values, and on Jewish heroes and heroines.

Third-Fourth Grade Curriculum centers on the emigration of the Jews from Israel. They begin with a historical time line and move quickly to the Diaspora (leaving the desert). Time is spent on landmarks of Jewish history: the Spanish Inquisition, the shtetls, and the dispersal of Jews throughout the world. Connections are made to student’s family and personal stories. The emphasis is to show the history and ebb and flow of events and the ways in which patterns repeat themselves throughout history.

Fifth-Sixth Grade curriculum is a continuation of Jewish history beginning with the immigration to America. The Holocaust is also discussed in this class. Discussion of Jews in America is broad—students will learn about how American Jews endeavor to right the wrongs they did see and still do see in the US, including civil rights issues, labor issues, and class issues. Discussion includes how American Jews are both part of larger American community and distinct from it and what this means. Discussion of the building of a Jewish community in the US allows for deep discussion of the Middot (Jewish virtues) which will act as a segue for 7th grade Mitzvah class.

Mitzvah Class curriculum includes classroom study of various Torah portions, and key prayers for a Jewish service. The many mitzvahs that are part of Jewish life are emphasized and explained. There is an emphasis on developing a mature personal relationship with Judaism, a deeper awareness of Hebrew and of the holidays, especially the Sabbath. Each student is required to do a community service project.

Music is essential to our culture and Jewish identity. Each session we have a music class that focuses on traditional Jewish songs to give students a familiarity of Jewish music they might hear at various Jewish celebrations- weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and Jewish holidays.