- FAQs -

How much does it cost to join?
Family tuition is based on the number of children in the family attending classes.  The yearly cost is $405 for one child, an additional $150 for the 2nd child, and another $75 for each added child.  As an example, a family with three children attending classes would pay $630 per year. Parents that volunteer to teach
Payment plans and scholarships are available.  Please contact us at trianglefamilyshule@gmail.com if financial assistance is needed.

When does the Shule meet and how often? 
The Shule meets once a month on Sunday mornings, throughout the academic year. Check the Calendar page in the Membership section for more information and directions.

Where does the Shule meet? 
The Shule meets at the Freeman Center for Jewish Life located on the campus of Duke University. Directions can be found on the Calendar page in the Membership section.

How long is a class session?  
The morning starts with the Bagel Social at 9:00. This is followed by music at 9:30 and then classes run from 10:00am to 11:30am. The schedule may be different on a session that includes a holiday celebration.

What is the attendance policy?
Attendance is very important. Because we meet only once per month, each meeting is packed with information for your student. Understanding what is being shared in any particular class is incumbent upon having been present in the previous session. If you feel the once per month commitment is too much for your family, or your child has regular conflicting activities, such as sports, TFS may not be a good fit for you.

Can I just drop my kid off?
While there is not a hard and fast rule, this is discouraged. TFS is not simply Hebrew School or Sunday School. It is also a time for parents to participate in Jewish community building and learning. We offer an engaging Torah Study for adults while class is in session. During holidays, everyone pitches in to create the post-class celebrations.  This is a great time to schmooze and get to know other parents in our community. We believe that the best way to plant the seed of appreciation for Jewish traditions and values in our children is to nurture our own.

What is a Bagel Social? 
Bagel Social is a time for the whole community to share information, socialize, nosh on bagels with cream cheese, juice, and special holiday treats.

What dietary rules are followed at TFS?
When potlucks or meals are shared at The Freeman Center, we follow their rules which allows for dairy meals only. At offsite events, such as our Rosh Hashana picnic, we welcome both meat and dairy. We discourage pork and shellfish at all of our events.

What is a parent cooperative? 
The Shule is a parent-run, all volunteer organization. Parent involvement is essential and required. There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities to suit interests and schedules of our diverse community. Parents that volunteer to teach for the academic year receive free tuition for their first child.

Do parents need to be in the classroom with their child? 
We leave this up to the individual family and the teacher. Parents are always welcome in the preK-K class. For the other classes, we ask that parents stay in touch with their child’s teacher and be available at times when needed. We offer a variety of activities for adults while children are in classes.

Do both parents have to be Jewish to join our community? 
No. We are welcoming and inclusive of all kinds of families. The only requirement to join is an interest in Jewish culture and a willingness to pitch in to help the Shule run successfully!

Does the Shule have a Rabbi? 

For more information please contact trianglefamilyshule@gmail.com.